How Does Eazynappy Affiliate Partner Program Works?

We have been in the business since a long time ago and there have been ups and downs as every company does, but there were always people supporting us, always referring their family, friends, and clients to us to get hair extensions done for them. For us, it was always a pleasure to make locs for all those amazing people and it will always be.

But it’s our turn to do great for you, so we are launching a program that will earn you passive income on each referral you make, it will generate you real income on each sale that comes through your unique referral link. 

Benefits of joining:

  1. 5% commission on each sale
  2. Opportunity to become Eazynappy Registered loctician
  3. 15 days cookie period



  1. 5% commission on each sale that comes through your efforts
  2. Opportunity to become Eazynappy Registered loctician  that means customers who buy from us will prefer you over other locticians in your area
  3. 15 days cookie period, which means if someone clicks on your link today but makes a purchase on the 15th day, still the sale will be counted as your effort.


How to track earnings?

When you signup, an affiliate partner account will be created for you, once you are approved you will be able to log in to your partner account and that’s where you can view your affiliate earnings as well as other important data on how much sales you generated.


How will I be paid?

With the launch, we are offering payments via Zelle, Cash app, or any other payment method you prefer.

For any questions: Get in touch with our Partner Support Team at


How to Join?

Click here to register as our Loctician or follow the link in the footer under the section Partner of our store. If you are already registered you can log in from the footer under the same Partner section on our store.